Enterprise Lockscreen Notification

identifiy a device while locked, even if there are several devices from same vendor and usually all with black color ... with LockR your able to push a Notification to Lockscreen to identifiy "your" device
Publish any information that is necessary four your use case to the lockscreen, either some static device value to identify the device (like serialnumber for support reason) or any remote attribute set via emm (like inventory number, device owner or department)


use modern android development to find a automated solution and highly adaptive


the entire app is fully customizeable for your needs - the title, logos and texts of the notification. device information like serial number could placed within the popup or custom variable provied via the regiested EMM solution
are the any spezific actions to default homepage or support hotline, just add below

Lock Notification2



a demo version of LockR is public available at google playstore explore the idea behind right from your device

add to homescreen

for enterprise deployment a dedicated release will distributed at google's playstore for enterprise with managed app configurarion


the public availalbe LockR app provide a demo field to be configured via mdm, simply import app via managed google play, serach for "LockR" or "matthias mader" - please contact for any support or request for customised app with more detailed possibilities

MobileIron AppConfig   InTune AppConfig   SOTI AppConfig   Miradore AppConfig


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