LockR provide the possibility to identify device without the need to unlock. Customize the title and text of the notification. Add device varialbes like serial number or preconfiure via your EMM


The easiet way to interact with user is to promt a status, request for interaction or some kind of input.

Web Push Notification

Chrome browser and some others offer a rich feature set to interact with the websites visior - great jod of Matt Gaunt


android When it is about the lockscreen of a device, it's neccessary to trigger the device api and create a notification while the device is locked
LockR is a dedicated android app to identify device without the need to unlock. Designed for enterprise needs in large deployment for single use of corporate owned android devices, fully customizable for your demands and integrated with android enterprise for best support. Tab info image for more details.

LockR ;

... get rid of hardware label or manual configuration, read more abount LockR here.